Noong tayo’y nagkakilala
Tayo’y gumawa ng masasayang ala-ala
Unti unting nahuhulog ang loob ko sayo.
Tinuruaan mo muling magmahal ang aking puso.

Akala ko ikaw na ang bubuo ng aking puso,
Nagkamali ako ikaw din pala ang dudurog nito.
Dahil sa mga sugat na iyong dinulot
Paalam mahal ko.

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Blind Love…. Obsession… BONA

It was a Tuesday afternoon, I received a text message from my friend Garth Garcia who also happens to be a singer and one of the main cast of a web series BoyZNextDoor(hindi kami boyband), inviting me to see a play called BONA starring Eugene Domingo that he co-produced.

I, not being much into plays didn’t respond right away because I wasn’t  sure I actually wanted to go. Besides, I was also looking for someone  who was willing to go with me. I was having second thoughts whether to go or not, considering the price and where it was going to be held.

After three hours  or so, he sent another message asking if I was going to watch.

Garth : R u gonna watch?

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