I Hate You I Like You



I hate the way you stare

I like your eyes.

I hate the way we know each other from a distance

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Music Man

When our paths crossed..

And swiftly looked at each other

I was captivated by your eyes

Then I heard you sing

I was mesmerized by your golden voice.


Then as I sat behind you every week,images (2)

I realized it wasn’t  your voice,

I mis-matched the voice with your charming face.

But then again, as I listened

I was still mesmerized by your melodic voice.


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Formerly known as B’Site is now named LoveAnj. When I created the site, I named it B’Site but pronounced as “B’s Site”.

Wondering why B’Site? Because B is one of the closest to my heart, it was the first letter of the first name of my one great love, unfortunately  things didn’t work out between us. Most of the poems written were about my great love, in addition to that I also had a group of friends (barkada) whom we call  “Team B” because of our nicknames that started with “B” , which has a motto “no beginning, no end.”

Then I realized, there was no real connection between the name B site and my poems except for a few. I re-named it Love Anj.
Why Love Anj?

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Amazing Anj

Amazing Anj!

Its Angeli also known as Anj

I was born on May 23. (for those who are asking about my age,  guess  and you win …… new information hahaha).
I graduated from my Diploma in Food Service in 2003 from O.B.Montessori College Inc. Then I studied Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at AMA Computer College East Rizal and graduated in December 2008, I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines.

I am currently an Assistant I.T Instructor at a College in Cainta, and a writer for a good friend and singer Garth Garcia

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Noong tayo’y nagkakilala
Tayo’y gumawa ng masasayang ala-ala
Unti unting nahuhulog ang loob ko sayo.
Tinuruaan mo muling magmahal ang aking puso.

Akala ko ikaw na ang bubuo ng aking puso,
Nagkamali ako ikaw din pala ang dudurog nito.
Dahil sa mga sugat na iyong dinulot
Paalam mahal ko.

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