Meet Garth

Garth GarciaGarth professionally known as Garth Garcia was born on January 28.
Garth started singing when he was 14, he joined the Mr. and Ms Science technology during his high school days in Davao. He could not think of any talent so he started singing and won best in talent, then throughout his college days he joined song-writing contests and battle of the bands. Continue reading

Garth Garcia Rises

A few months ago, I posted and advertised about Blank Tape ,featuring Garth Garcia in their song “You’re the One”,  and his music video launch of his own composition “Ikaw ang Mahal”

Garth Garcia’s songs: “You’re the One” and “Ikaw ang Mahal” continuously surprises everyone as it stays on top of the charts for several months in a well-known radio station for several months.

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