Something About June

Some countries June is the start of a school year
Some other countries June is the start of summer
In Australia and New Zealand June is the start of Winter
But no matter where you are in the world
There is something about June

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Pain Pain Go Away Panaway made it Go Away

Lately, as I grew older, I felt like I was getting heavier,heavier, and unhealthier.

So I decided to work out however I am one of those people that are like a “YoYo” when it comes to working out. There are days that I would really be determined to work out and there are days that I just feel lazy to work out.  

So I worked out for 2 weeks, thenI felt lazy after 16 days, and was tired from a hectic work, then I started to work out again and started where I left off and started on day 17 of work out.  Which I realize now is wrong. 

When I started again on the day 17 of work out and used the new dip parallel bars I got. However I got injured (but this another story for later).Muscles was so sore.

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Haplos ng Kaibigan

Habang lumilipas ang panahon Tumaba,pumayat,sumexy,tumanda Madaming nagdaan sa atin’g buhay Sila’y dumating,umalis,bumalik Ikaw nalang ang natirang kaibigan Lagi ka andyan kahit ano mang oras Kahit ano mang panahon Kahit anong pinagdadaanan Ika’y laging andyan Sa mga panahon masasakit ang aking … Continue reading

For Hisham “Moi” Go

One day I was listening to the song “You are My Sunshine” , suddenly tears fell down on my cheeks, because I remembered my first love and first boyfriend Erik Kilbarger who was taken away from me and died from Leukemia cancer at an early age of 14. 

From then on I hated all kinds of cancer, because it has taken many people and loved ones from me, including family and friends. Recently about 2 years ago I lost a good friend of mine , Hasset Go to liver cancer.

I have always said to myself, if I had extra or if I was rich I would help or donate or build a foundation for cancer patients especially leukemia, and now liver cancer.  I wanted this dream, and I still have this dream to be able to help cancer patients, because back then I was not able to do anything to help Erik, even when Chef Hasset was in need, I wasn’t able to help, due to some financial situations of my own.



Now that Hisham Go, is in the same situation like his brothers Rowden “Hazzy and Chef Hasset Go.

Even if I would like to help unfortunately I am still unable to give a sufficient amount that would be able to help Hisham for his treatments. Continue reading

Hasset Go

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be written and posted on the 1st death anniversary of Hasset Go. But due to a hectic schedule and unfortunate events, I wasn’t able to. This is a long overdue post.


11986538_871729582912714_5235560647009874632_n-copy-copyIt has been a long time since I have written something. To be exact it has been a year. The past year has been very hectic, and a lot has happened, both blissful and painful events. One of the unfortunate event that happened was a death of a good friend… Chef Hasset Go.

I started writing this tribute for Hasset last year, but I couldn’t get myself to finish the write-up because I would find myself crying sometimes even at the start or sometimes in the middle of my writing.

Now that it has been a year since he has left this earth and joined our Creator. I try to find the courage and hold my tears as I try to finish this tribute.  Although I’m not sure if this would be considered as a tribute, but I guess it is more like re-counting or re-telling my encounters and experiences with Hasset Go.

Although , Hasset and I were not that close and didn’t get to spend that much time with each other. Hasset was one of my friends that had a special place in my heart.

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GIG For A Cause


We have various problems whether it is huge or trivial, but have we thought of the people who have bigger battles than ours?  Such as those people who are fighting cancer, and other diseases, and those who have lost loved ones to threatening diseases.

This article I’m writing is very close to my heart, because I have lost someone special, my first boyfriend Erik Kilbarger to one of the unpleasant illness: leukemia and a very dear friend Chef Hasset Go who is currently fighting liver cancer.

If there was some way that I could have helped during that time, I would have!

As much as I want to help those people who are fighting these kind of ailments and the families who have gone through the same challenges as I have. There is only so much I can do, since I am not a millionaire, I can only offer prayers for them to get well, and raise awareness that there are people who are in need for medical attention, and monetary donations so that they can pay the hospital bills for their operations and other kinds of donations.

There will be a GIG for A Cause for two (2) children who are fighting dangerous ailments.

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GarthGarcia ‘s Self-Titled Album Tour

P1230162It’s been almost half of the year and as life‘s pace quickly passes by there have been several events that happened in the past few months.

One of the most special events was the Album Launching of Garth Garcia‘s self-titled Album last August 29, 2015 at Fisher Mall Quezon City. The event was successful. As Garth Launched his album, he also had various events and Album Mall Tours one was last September 06, 2015 at Star Mall Alabang. Both events were successful.

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Kenneth Earl Medrano 1st Grand Winner of That’s My Bae

picture from Kenneth's Instagram

picture from Kenneth’s Instagram

Kem-Kembot… hehe. Who says real hot men can’t dance?

Kenneth Earl Medrano the Dubmash King proves the nation wrong, as he “hooks” the title of Eat Bulaga’s 1st Grand Winner of That’s My Bae , last July 11,2015.

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I Hate You I Like You


I hate the way you stare

I like your eyes.

I hate the way we know each other from a distance

I like the way that you know I exist somehow. Continue reading

You’ve Got It All – By Jandi Lee Chapter 3

 You’ve Got It All

Written By: Jandi Lee Featuring Jandi LeeFreshmen

Chapter 3

Kinabukasan, si Sam  tinatawagan si Jandi.

Sam: best!! Bangon na samahan mo ko ngayun may magandang palabas.

Jandi: Best di ako pwede may lakad kami.

Sam: Ah tumatanggi ka na ngayon??!! May sasabihin lang ako at i-lilibre lang kita bawal ba maglambing ang bestie mo?

Jandi: O sige na wait mo lng ako ako pa ba makakatanggi sa’yo.

*Hanggang sa nakarting na si Jandi sa mall.

Jandi: Ano ba yun best??
Sam: Best !!?? Hi, buti dumating ka na.
Jandi: Parang masaya ka bakit??? Nanalo ka ba sa lotto???
Sam: Hindi. Higit pa dun.
Jandi: Ano okasyon at napatawag ka ???
Sam: bestttt!!! Ang saya ko!!! Kami na ni Trish!!!
Jandi: Ano bago dun? O hanggang kailan naman due date nyan???
Sam: Grabeh ka naman !!!
Jandi: Ay naku! Sam, bestfriend mo ako since highschool. Kaya alam ko na yan.
Sam: Pero to best iba na!!!
Jandi: Gasgas na rin sa tenga ko yan!!
Sam: Eto na pala siya.
Jandi (nagulat lang)
Sam: Jandi, si Trish ang Babe ko.
Trish: Hi, Jandi. Ikaw pala ang nakwekwento na espesyal sa buhay niya at best friend.
Sam: O binibida kita ah.
Jandi: Hi Trish . Ako yata yun (ampalaya mode)
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