Blind Love…. Obsession… BONA

It was a Tuesday afternoon, I received a text message from my friend Garth Garcia who also happens to be a singer and one of the main cast of a web series BoyZNextDoor(hindi kami boyband), inviting me to see a play called BONA starring Eugene Domingo that he co-produced.

I, not being much into plays didn’t respond right away because I wasn’t  sure I actually wanted to go. Besides, I was also looking for someone  who was willing to go with me. I was having second thoughts whether to go or not, considering the price and where it was going to be held.

After three hours  or so, he sent another message asking if I was going to watch.

Garth : R u gonna watch?

At this point I haven’t replied because I was still trying to convince Dems to go with me. Although she hadn’t said yes yet. I couldn’t say no to Garth. (Malakas siya sa akin eh.) So I replied

Me: “yes po dalawa kami”

So he reserved the tickets.

Saturday came and all the misfortune that can happen to a person happened to me that day. (I’ll leave it up to your imagination)

(unfortunately Dems wasn’t able to make it.)

Still after having all those unfortunate incidents, I arrived at the venue with my friend Grace at 7:00pm just in record time.

BONA was held at Peta Theater, Quezon City, last September 29, 2012 at 8:00pm.

Bona was originally created by Lino Brocka, and it was originally portrayed by Ms. Nora Aunor. Today Bona was adapted as a stage play, was directed by Soxie Topacio and written by Lalie Bucoy.

The new ‘Bona’ is a comedy-drama production set in the modern time: about a spinster call center agent, as she saw a televised pitiful background of Gino Sanchez (played by Edgar Allan Guzman)  and immediately became a fan of the Star of Tomorrow wannabe.

As she pitied the ‘actor wannabe’, and the desire to help him jump-start his showbiz career. She gave him everything, to the point that she turned her back on her values because she got blinded by her devotion to Gino. She ignored what her family and friends told her that she was being used and manipulated by the ‘actor wannabe’. Later on as  she discovers Gino’s childhood sweetheart  Katrina (portrayed by Ana Luna) was pregnant. As Bona’s heart was shattered into pieces; she prepares the boiling water for Gino’s routine warm bath. Instead of pouring the water into the tub with love, she throws the boiling water into Gino’s bare skin – an act which puts an end to her blind obsession with the actor.


It was a great play. I enjoyed it very much not only because of the actors but as well as the story line which you can also learn from the moral of the story. It was a great experience. I now appreciate theater plays because of its spontaneous acting. I now have great respect for theater actors.  Can’t wait to see another great play as long as my schedule and budget can afford it!

The only regret, I had; I wasn’t able to meet and greet the cast, maybe next time I would have the chance.


To know more about upcoming shows at the theater follow PETA on twitter 

Follow Garth on twitter for his updates 

To know more about their web series and upcoming shows follow BoyZNextDoor on twitter 

Written by: Anj Atutubo

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