I Hate You I Like You



I hate the way you stare

I like your eyes.

I hate the way we know each other from a distance

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Music Man

When our paths crossed..

And swiftly looked at each other

I was captivated by your eyes

Then I heard you sing

I was mesmerized by your golden voice.


Then as I sat behind you every week,images (2)

I realized it wasn’t  your voice,

I mis-matched the voice with your charming face.

But then again, as I listened

I was still mesmerized by your melodic voice.


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Ikaw Na


Halos ilang taon kitang inaantay na maayos..
Pagkalipas ng ilang taon, sa wakas naayos na.

Ilang araw, buwan inilaan para sa’yo
Halos araw-araw, gabi-gabi ikaw lang ang iniisip
Gabi-gabi halos inaabot na nga ng madaling araw

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Kung sana noon tayo nagkakilala
Sana ngayon parehas tayong masaya.

Ngunit ngayon isa ka nalang pangarap
Dahil ika’y may mahal ng iba.

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Noong tayo’y nagkakilala
Tayo’y gumawa ng masasayang ala-ala
Unti unting nahuhulog ang loob ko sayo.
Tinuruaan mo muling magmahal ang aking puso.

Akala ko ikaw na ang bubuo ng aking puso,
Nagkamali ako ikaw din pala ang dudurog nito.
Dahil sa mga sugat na iyong dinulot
Paalam mahal ko.

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One Great Love

Thought I was over you
It’s been years since
We left each other hanging
Without closure.

When I saw you again
I realized
I repressed all emotions
Turned my heart into stone.

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Ako ay nakatunganga at naka tingin sa kisame

habang ako’y nakahiga at nagiisip isip

sa aking mga nilakbay at mga dapat tatahakin pa.

‘di maiwasan ika’y sumagi sa’king isipian

habang ako’y nag mu-muni muni…

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Hello ….Goodbye…

We’ve met before, but we just didn’t notice.
Time has separated us, yet time and destiny
brought us back together to meet each other again.

We became acquaintances, yet as time
and days go by, our friendship grew deeper.

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For You My Bashful Friend

Though we bicker frequently,
You always seem to be there at exactly the right moment.
Whenever I am furious or someone spoils my mood.

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It’s been years since you walked away from my life,
You just left me standing there baffled.

Thought about our love…
Thought the love was perfect and forever..
Trying to understand
What happened to the promise of eternity..

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