For You My Bashful Friend

Though we bicker frequently,
You always seem to be there at exactly the right moment.
Whenever I am furious or someone spoils my mood.

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Heart of Darkness

She had lots of love to share
sometimes she fooled around
but once
she fell in-love for real.

She gave all the love
her heart could
but he left her hangin’

Now her heart exploded
with mixed emotions
darkness filled it.

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Is This The Feeling of Love

Oh…Is this the feeling of love?

I see you, I smile…

I hear your voice, I smile…

I see your text message… I smile… Anxious to see you … to hear your voice…

It all started in one text, its just been a week.
Since then I could never forget every single thing you tell me.
Since then..everytime you tell me something .
Since then you’re the last thing on my mind, before I sleep. Oh is this the feeling of love.

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Today is just any other day
but why does it feel so different.

Today is just like any other day.
yet it seems unusual.

The clouds skies, and sun looks the same,
but there’s something extraordinary
about today.

Its not just the atmosphere
but also the people around us.
even you and I seem different.

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What Are We

What are we?
Why do you make my heart beat faster?
This isn’t right.
Am I fallin’ for you?

We’ve known each other long.
What you do to me, is this right?
You’re sweetness makes my heart go crazy….

Why are you doing this to me?
You act as if we’re more than friends,
Yet you won’t say a word.

My heart tells me,
actions speak louder than words.
My heart is going crazy.
My mind is confused.

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