Garth Garcia Rises

A few months ago, I posted and advertised about Blank Tape ,featuring Garth Garcia in their song “You’re the One”,  and his music video launch of his own composition “Ikaw ang Mahal”

Garth Garcia’s songs: “You’re the One” and “Ikaw ang Mahal” continuously surprises everyone as it stays on top of the charts for several months in a well-known radio station for several months.

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12-12-12 Giu Comia (Not Just A Concert)

Hey, there my dear readers:

So sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. Its been hectic the past few months in all aspects of my life. Anyway enough about that. This is a special post because it’s Christmas and it features my friends. 🙂

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We, Filipinos celebrate  Christmas not only for just a few days but we start celebrating Christmas when the “ber” months come around sometimes even until January-February. Christmas season can be stressful to most of us, because we think of what gifts to get for our family, friends, loved ones and special someone, what activities to do, and where to go.

Fear Not! There are a lot of things and activities around!

Here’s one idea !

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