Selective Amnesia

picture from the net ( question mark

picture from the net ( question mark

Amnesia, when we hear this word we usually think of memory loss caused by an accident or a psychological trauma according to wikipedia

Lately, I’ve had the time and opportunity to think about life, and get re-acquainted with the people I used to work with, particularly with one person whom I had my “eye” on, in my previous work at a certain call center.

We never really met officially/formally, I just see him around, and maybe talked to him once or twice; probably said hi or sorry to him once or twice I don’t remember. I wanted to meet him get to know him, but I was very shy, and there were actually no opportunities , if there were I probably missed out on it because of some events that happened during those times.

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of him on his profile through a common friend, I was just testing it out to see if he’d actually add me as a friend even if we didn’t really know each other formally. I wasn’t really expecting he would, but he did. We got to talking about everything anything under the sun..

Then as we talked every week, every other day.. I tried to remember the times when this guy I liked  at that time, lets hide his name with the initials “RB” when we crossed paths, and talked during those moments when we were at the same call center in Pasig. But something different happened, events from about three (3) years ago, came flooding back, like a big flash back, good and bad memories at that certain call center.  Continue reading