Pain Pain Go Away Panaway made it Go Away

Lately, as I grew older, I felt like I was getting heavier,heavier, and unhealthier.

So I decided to work out however I am one of those people that are like a “YoYo” when it comes to working out. There are days that I would really be determined to work out and there are days that I just feel lazy to work out.  

So I worked out for 2 weeks, thenI felt lazy after 16 days, and was tired from a hectic work, then I started to work out again and started where I left off and started on day 17 of work out.  Which I realize now is wrong. 

When I started again on the day 17 of work out and used the new dip parallel bars I got. However I got injured (but this another story for later).Muscles was so sore.

After the work out, I used Panaway Oil, after awhile I felt relived. 

Panaway has a lot of benefits aside from reliving muscle pains.

If you want to know more about health benefits: Contact Dr. Ina Atutubo-Baylas

Aside from using this for yourself for health benefits you can also make this as a business as an independent distrubutor like me, I use this both for myself and as an extra income especially  nowadays. 

If you would like to know more Contact Us or you can  go here  to know more click here.




Written by © Anj Atutubo 01/24/2021

Pictures © and the internet

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