For Hisham “Moi” Go

One day I was listening to the song “You are My Sunshine” , suddenly tears fell down on my cheeks, because I remembered my first love and first boyfriend Erik Kilbarger who was taken away from me and died from Leukemia cancer at an early age of 14. 

From then on I hated all kinds of cancer, because it has taken many people and loved ones from me, including family and friends. Recently about 2 years ago I lost a good friend of mine , Hasset Go to liver cancer.

I have always said to myself, if I had extra or if I was rich I would help or donate or build a foundation for cancer patients especially leukemia, and now liver cancer.  I wanted this dream, and I still have this dream to be able to help cancer patients, because back then I was not able to do anything to help Erik, even when Chef Hasset was in need, I wasn’t able to help, due to some financial situations of my own.



Now that Hisham Go, is in the same situation like his brothers Rowden “Hazzy and Chef Hasset Go.

Even if I would like to help unfortunately I am still unable to give a sufficient amount that would be able to help Hisham for his treatments.

Although I am not that close or do not know Moi personally, but I just know him thru my friend, the late Chef Hasset Go. 

I would still like to help in any way I could. As a result, I thought of writing about this post, so that it would help spread the word, and who knows a good soul might be able to donate for his treatments.

For those who does not know the story of the Go Pangcoga family, here is an overview: Hisham is the 3rd and youngest brother of Hazy and Hasset. Back in 2014, Hazy was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away. If you remember his wedding, it was one of the most memorable weddings in the Philippines. After that, all the family members decided to have themselves checked. Sadly, Hasset was also diagnosed with the same liver cancer as Hazy, and Hisham with liver cirrhosis.

Even though Hisham was taking his maintenance and trying to live a healthy life, unfortunately recent events during his check-ups , his doctor diagnosed him with the same liver cancer as his two (2) older brothers Hazy and Hasset.  If you want to know more about them , please read here

As I have said earlier, this post was to spread the word so that we can raise money for his treatments.

We have created various fund raising for Moi’s treatments such as a Movie fund raising event:

So for Movie Buff’s : Watch Furious 8 (F8) : Movie Screening will be held at Greenbelt on April 15, 2017 at 5pm. Tickets are sold at P600.






For those in Cagayan De Oro (CDO) there will be a calligraphy writing contest, with a registration fee of P1,500 (please  see picture below for details.)


We are also selling T-shirts with Moi’s mentality hash-tagline/ quote “Cancer can’t scare me if I scare it first” for P500 for orders please click here.

All proceeds will go to Moi’s treatment.





Or you could also donate directly to Go Fund Me or donate/deposit directly to Moi’s bank account. 

Bank account details can be found on the picture posted here.



Let us all pray for Moi’s healing and all the cancer patients around the world.

Thank you in advance for those who will be able to donate and help out. God Bless you!


Written by © Anj Atutubo March 21, 2017

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4 thoughts on “For Hisham “Moi” Go

  1. Hi, just want to say I admired Go brothers because of their positive attitude & strength to fight cancer. I am also a cancer patient, every time I watched Jessica Soho napapaiyak ako sa story nila. Those guys are so Pogi ah at nakakahinayang kasi 2 guys passed away. I will pray for Hisham na sana malampasan niya lahat ng problemang dumarating at darating sa kanya at sa pamilya nya. Financial problem ang pinakamahirap pero maraming mababait na tao ang nabubuhay sa mundo kaya si Lord na ang bahala sa inyo na pagalawin lahat ng mga taong ito. By the way, I want to buy the shirt, do you have an extra small size po ba?


    • thank you for the comments, kind words, prayers and support. sorry mejo natagalan bago ako mag reply sa comment niyo kasi nakalimutan ko password ko dahil sa sobrang busy at sa tagal kong di nag susulat. haha.

      regarding po sa question niyo about the shirt. you can pm this facebook page: for more information.

      thank you for the support. Godbless you.


  2. Laban lng moi let’s fight cancer gogogo!!!my youngest brother suffered now a chronic myeloid leukemia he diagnosed Valentine’s day we are on orange ribbon my brother is a friend of your brother rowden!kapit lng god is always good!!!!you see on her fb account alain herrera…


    • thank you for your kind words, and support for moi. sorry mejo late reply ko sa mga comments kasi nakalimutan ko yung password ko dito sa sobrang busy at tagal ko nang hindi nag susulat. hahaha


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