Hasset Go

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be written and posted on the 1st death anniversary of Hasset Go. But due to a hectic schedule and unfortunate events, I wasn’t able to. This is a long overdue post.


11986538_871729582912714_5235560647009874632_n-copy-copyIt has been a long time since I have written something. To be exact it has been a year. The past year has been very hectic, and a lot has happened, both blissful and painful events. One of the unfortunate event that happened was a death of a good friend… Chef Hasset Go.

I started writing this tribute for Hasset last year, but I couldn’t get myself to finish the write-up because I would find myself crying sometimes even at the start or sometimes in the middle of my writing.

Now that it has been a year since he has left this earth and joined our Creator. I try to find the courage and hold my tears as I try to finish this tribute.  Although I’m not sure if this would be considered as a tribute, but I guess it is more like re-counting or re-telling my encounters and experiences with Hasset Go.

Although , Hasset and I were not that close and didn’t get to spend that much time with each other. Hasset was one of my friends that had a special place in my heart.

The first time I saw Hasset was during his interview on DZMM last 2011, when he and his chocolate tower cake was featured. I was mesmerized because of his good looks, aside from that he baked and cooked. To my eyes, he was very handsome, and his cakes looked so delicious. Thus, I made it a point to go to his bakeshop and try his cakes, as well as I wanted to meet him too.

Then one time I had an opportunity to visit MedChef  in front of ABS-CBN, when I had a job interview at ABS-CBN. I dropped by Medchef and bought his famous red velvet cake. Luckily he was also there, and this was the first time I met him. He was very friendly, then after that day, I added him on Facebook. That’s how our friendship started. We would message each other just to say hi, and sometimes he would even share recipes. 

Although we barely saw each other, the friendship grew stronger. The second time we met was during a concert of a friend Giu Comia. I was amazed that we knew the same people and had common friends. Hasset was very sweet caring, and very loving to his family and friends.

258278_4787266646383_804208718_oI remember one time I was chatting with him and asked if he would guest judge for an HRM school competition at the school I used to work for. He was willing to, but the schedule was not because he was still in Vietnam at that time for training and work.  So I jokingly asked him to give me a “fan sign” and all he said “pati ba naman ikaw” (“even you?”), then I replied “joke lang, pero ikaw kung totohanin mo ok lang din (“just kidding, but its up to you if you want to take it seriously, then its ok too). The next day I saw his picture with a notepad with my name written on it posted on  Facebook.  I was shocked and just laughed when I saw the picture, because he really did it. (natawa at nagulat nalang ako sa picture tinotoo nga niya).

Although Hasset and I would only see each other once a year. As years passed by the friendship grew stronger and stronger, because of his kindness and sincerity for us as his friends. There wouldn’t be a day that at least once a month that we would message just to say “Hi, how are you”.

The last time I saw him was during another concert of a friend which was at  Garth Garcia’s birthday concert. We just waved “hi , hello” during that time when he brought the cake.

Even in the midst of his pain and struggles, Hasset still kept a strong faith and a beautiful smile not only on camera but as well as off camera. This is why he was truly an inspiration not only to his family but to his friends, students, staff, and even to others who didn’t really know him.

That’s why we his friends would do anything for him to help him through the pain he felt, and held a benefit concert to help out with the hospital bills and prayers for him. Because this is how he was important and special to me, to us.

He had touched so many lives, because of his wonderful personality, humble and down to earth even if he was rising to fame, he was very friendly and God-fearing.


Hasset was the middle child of three boys, He was the bread winner for the family.  He became the strength for his family especially after his kuya “Hazzy” (Rowden) Go passed away, in 2014. His faith became stronger, after this ill-fated situation, even after finding out that he and his brother Hisham “Moi” was also diagnosed  with the same disease, Hasset with liver cancer and Hisham with livercirrhosis.  He fought hard to stay strong and believed that he will be healed.


Although it has only been a year. His family, and friends, including me feels like it is has been a decade.

Hasset, thank you for being an inspiration, for touching our lives and for the memories. We Miss you. Rest in peace.

In memory of Hasset , here is a “videomontage” with Hasset and his friends.

Pahar Pangcoga “Hasset Go” August 08, 1986 – October 24, 2015


Written by © Anj Atutubo November 03, 2016

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