Garth Garcia ‘s March Madness Schedule

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven’t been posted in a while. I have been busy with my studies, events, and my work outs  since its almost summer.. (nagpapasexy lang .. haha)

Speaking of Sexy… Here is a brief post about the Sexy Soulful Voice of Mr.Garth Garcia

Garth Garcia

Garth Garcia

Let us, welcome the month of March and march off to FisherMall on March 1, 2015 at 5pm and with the unique soulful voice of Garth Garcia and the  Grand Champion of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) season 2 the beautiful Ms.Laarni Lozada.

And here are the following schedules and events of Mr. Garcia:

March 6- Garth Garcia at Doc Philip Concert

March 7-  Garth Garcia at Raccolta Pampanga
March12 – Garth Garcia at NCST dasma c/o Johan
March 12-  Garth Garcia at  6pm MOR/ 10pm DZMM
March 13- Ever Gotesco recto 4pm
March17-  Garth Garcia at Singing Contest 7:30pm Makati city
March21-   Garth Garcia at Ihaw Balot Plaza Panay Ave, 7pm / Garth Garcia at Racolta Pamanga
march 23- Garth Garcia  JayR album launch A-Venue

See you there!!

Picture From Garth Garcia. Edited by Anj Atutubo

Picture From Garth Garcia. Edited by Anj Atutubo

Written by © Anj Atutubo March 23, 2015

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