Formerly known as B’Site is now named LoveAnj. When I created the site, I named it B’Site but pronounced as “B’s Site”.

Wondering why B’Site? Because B is one of the closest to my heart, it was the first letter of the first name of my one great love, unfortunately  things didn’t work out between us. Most of the poems written were about my great love, in addition to that I also had a group of friends (barkada) whom we call  “Team B” because of our nicknames that started with “B” , which has a motto “no beginning, no end.”

Then I realized, there was no real connection between the name B site and my poems except for a few. I re-named it Love Anj.
Why Love Anj?

Love Anj because poems are one of the forms of expressing how you feel, then I thought “Poems can also be considered as a form of a letter.  Thus I wanted it to be like a letter for my readers ( if there are. haha).

I wanted it to be like this:  (Dear Readers ……………………………………………………. Love, Anj)

This site is about my poems, random thoughts, and other interests. I started writing poems seriously since 2005.

If you want to know more about me just click on Amazing Anj

All the things I wrote in this blog site are mine and protected by copyright law. You are not allowed to post, publish in other sites or books.

If you want to re-post it. Please ask for my permission through the comments, or drop me a message at , or twitter.

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Lahat ng sinulat kong tula, kwento dito ay akin, at protektado ng copyright law bawal itong ipost sa ibang blog sites or books. kung gusto niyong ipost ipagpaalam muna sa akin, sa pamamagitan ng comments.

Written by : Anj Atutubo © 01/02/2006

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