Amazing Anj

Amazing Anj!

Its Angeli also known as Anj

I was born on May 23. (for those who are asking about my age,  guess  and you win …… new information hahaha).
I graduated from my Diploma in Food Service in 2003 from O.B.Montessori College Inc. Then I studied Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at AMA Computer College East Rizal and graduated in December 2008, I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines.

I am currently an Assistant I.T Instructor at a College in Cainta, and a writer for a good friend and singer Garth Garcia

Food, Computers, technology, teaching and writing? Yes they are somehow very different from each other, but all of them are my passion in their own different levels. Computers and technology comes first, because it comes with my profession.

Writing would be second, However I did not have any formal training or classes in writing but, I love to write and express my thoughts,  most of the time when I have a writer’s block especially when I’m sober, (sober? Yes sober from alcohol, and deep emotions). Sometimes, I think I’m the re-incarnated spirit of Edgar Allan Poe who needs to intake alcohol to finish what I’m writing! hahaha

I don’t even know if anyone reads this blog.

Food? well food is food and I love to eat.

I want to know about everything, because I always want to share knowledge with everyone. I like being with friends with honest and true friends.

What you see is what you get– thats me!


Come back soon and read more posts about random thoughts, poems, or updates about Garth Garcia

All the things I wrote in this blog site are mine and protected by copyright law. You are not allowed to post, publish in other sites or books.

If you want to re-post it. Please ask for my permission through the comments.

Lahat ng sinulat kong tula, kwento dito ay akin, at protektado ng copyright law bawal itong ipost sa ibang blog sites or books. kung gusto niyong ipost ipagpaalam muna sa akin, sa pamamagitan ng comments.

Thank You.

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Written by Anj Atutubo  © October 15, 2013

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