12-12-12 Giu Comia (Not Just A Concert)

Hey, there my dear readers:

So sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. Its been hectic the past few months in all aspects of my life. Anyway enough about that. This is a special post because it’s Christmas and it features my friends. ūüôā

Keep on reading … so you’ll know what I mean..

We, Filipinos celebrate ¬†Christmas not only for just a few days but we start celebrating Christmas when the “ber” months come around sometimes even until January-February. Christmas season can be stressful to most of us, because we think of what gifts to get for our family, friends, loved ones and special someone, what activities to do, and where to go.

Fear Not! There are a lot of things and activities around!

Here’s one idea !

Catch Giu Comia  perform and Celebrate his Birthday on December 12, 2012 : 12-12-12  (Not Just A Concert)  8P.M. at the Music Museum, San Juan Greenhills.679788_385634461516082_716455332_o

Giu Comia 12-12-12 (Not Just A Concert)  will be a star studded night,  hosted by Ms. Rica Paras , Dj Charlie with special guests Garth Garcia , Nadine Lustre, Rose van Ginkel, Ice Mendoza, Steph Sampang, Faye Abadico, Carla Funelas, Stella Ignacio and Paco Evangelista and more!

This is not only a concert, you’re not just watching Giu sing but you also get to celebrate his special day with him!

What’s that you said? Budget? Expensive? Don’t worry the tickets are sold at an affordable price of P300 for balcony seats and P500 for Orchestra seats (kayang kaya diba? kaya watch na!)
Don’t have a ticket yet? Buy now! ¬†Tickets are sold at Ticketworld.¬†ticket

All I can say is Advance Merry Christmas to all and See You at the Music Museuem 8PM on 12-12-12!

Oh and Don’t forget to Follow my friends Giu Comia ¬† on twitter for more updates.¬†Follow Garth on¬†twitter for his updates¬†

To know more about their web series and upcoming shows follow BoyZNextDoor on twitter 

Follow Ms Rica Paras and Paco  on twitter for their updates.

Also Don’t forget to follow the site’s twitter account ¬†¬†, and express yourselves and say anything under the sun, moon and stars! hahaha lol. You can also follow my personal account if you like ¬†.

Aside from the joy of gift giving, parties and camaraderie, don’t forget that Christ is still the spirit of Christmas, with that I bid adieu for now, ¬†and more interesting stuff to come!

Written by Anj Atutubo

Photo Credit: taken from Giu Comia (Official Fan Page)

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