For You My Bashful Friend

Though we bicker frequently,
You always seem to be there at exactly the right moment.
Whenever I am furious or someone spoils my mood.

Despite the fact that we constantly irritate and get on each other’s nerve.
You’re there even when I am upset, and harmed by someone else,

Even when my heart breaks
You’re often there to soothe my pain.

From time and again, you sit there timidly,
Being passive, pretending not to notice,
And ignore everything around you.

Pretending not to care.
Sitting there mysteriously and withdrawn
from your surroundings.

In reality, you truly care,
You console me and ease my mind.
And alleviate my spirits.
Although we constantly squabble
beyond doubt I can say
I am contented in our unique bond.

Words and poetry are not enough
to tell you how
grateful I am for your unique quirks and our camaraderie.

Written by Anj Atutubo  05/04/2011

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