It’s been years since you walked away from my life,
You just left me standing there baffled.

Thought about our love…
Thought the love was perfect and forever..
Trying to understand
What happened to the promise of eternity..

Asking myself
If I would ever feel the same love
I felt for you …

Wondering if this pain I feel
will dissolve
and vanish into thin air
like the day you were gone.

Gazing at the dark skies
Telling myself that I’ve moved on…

But in reality
I am just lying to myself
That I’ve forgotten you and
No longer feel the love for you..

I’ve been in denial all along…

The truth is you’re still the one….

The one true love…..

The one true love …

The one who got away.

Written by Anj Atutubo 11/26/2010

Edited by Jammie Egbert 11/26/2010


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