It’s been years since the fight,
since we broke up
though we still see each other everyday
we went our separate ways.
We ignore each other
every time we pass by.

So many opportunities
we could’ve fixed it
but we let our pride
get in the way.

So many moments we could’ve talked
but we let our fear in the way

Many times but we let it pass
terrified of the pain
we might cause each other.

We had a few drinks with friends
and we’re back where we started
like it was before.

Though it’s not the wish I desired
it’s close enough.
it seemed like the way it used to be
I’m ecstatic spending a few minutes with you
though I know it’s the alcohol.

I’ve dreamt of this moment
yet I still know this is still a dream
Tomorrow will come
and so will reality.

Things will be back to normal
ignoring each other
like we’re still at war.

Today is the moment
I will never forget
Hoping that now is not too late…
Yearning that someday
This dream will become reality
When that day comes
I’ll make sure it will last
But for now let’s take it slow

Written by Anj Atutubo  12/20/2009

photo by : Ficially Owned.

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