Fall Back

I thought I was over you,
‘Guess I was wrong
I fell in love with someone else;
guess wha? he was just like you.

Though when I told him,
How I felt, unlike you
He didn’t pick a fight with me.

Just like you I put walls
between me and him.

Every time I get hurt,
I end up where I started
Here with you.

Though you don’t do anything
you ease the pain in y heart,
thank you for being my fallback.

Every time I fall-inlove with someone else
and I end up getting hurt,
I end up here with you.

You make me laugh
even just by sitting there
Thank you for being my clown.

Though we fight every now and then
when I’m hurt but not by you,
you assuage the pain.

That’s the moment I find myself
falling back in love with you.

Written by Anj Atutubo  06/15/2008

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