Sitting on top of the staris
Looking down at the ground floor
Staring at the people passing by
As they come and go.

Watching them walk by
I see you down the hallway
I pretend not to notice
I pretend not to care
’cause this was the way you wanted it.

Gazing at the people,
Thinking of what might have been
Asking myself, what did I do wrong?
Did I hurt you?

Confusion runs through my head
’cause now that I make believe
that we never met.

Bewilderment is in my mind,
As you come closer to me
when I’m trying to avoid you
so that I will no longer
intensely fall in love with you.

Are you as cold as Ice
Or are you just dense?

Though avoiding you
Won’t ease the pain.

Now I’m thinking
Should have I told you
Or should I have just left things unsaid?

I know we made promises
But it can’t help it,
I was the one who changed
Just to make life easier for us
I’d rather hurt than be with you,
and seeing you suffer with me.
I’d rather have my heart ache
Than see our friendship wrecked
and loose you for eternity.

Written by Anj Atutubo 06/10/2008

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