Unspoken Love

Many times we’ve walked side by side on the footbrdige,
while we stroll down the bridge
various contemplation run trhough my head.

Feelings of mine get intense,
whenever I try to tell you
that I love you

As I return to reality,
realizing the possible outcome
that might happen between you and me.

Afraid of the consequences,
afraid you might laugh in my face,
afraid of rejection
afraid that if you felt the same way
I’d freeze in shock.

As we walk in silence,
several times I’ve wanted to tell you
that I’ve fallen for you
snce the first time we met.

Afraid that I might ruin our relationship
blissful that you’re in my life
’cause what we have now is wonderful
I’ve been yearning to utter my love for you,
afraid that I might loose you forever
than to be depreived not having you in my life.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid,
though I can no longer contan my feelings
now is the moment to enlighten you
about my unspoken love for you.

Written by Anj Atutubo 01/30/2008

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