October 21

Met you at a children’s party,
an instant attraction
between You and me.

Night came,
had trivial conversations,
drank a few beers,
fascination developed deeper.

Time went by,
went separate ways for a while,
A blooming friendship was rising
we’d talked on the phone
for hours and hours
though no one knew.

November came
friends of ours
set up for a Rendezvous,
a cup of coffee, and dinner.

Months passed by,
hardly saw and talked to each other.

April came,
I went out of the country
Didn’t see you ’till the
Month of Our Birthdays in May.

Then we went back to
Our lives that we were used to,
Not seeing each other for a long time.

Accidents, blissful moments
and various things happened.

July came,
Still no news from you.
Called you,
Told me, you got promoted
and your sim broke.
You wouldn’t give me your new number.

Figured you were avoiding me,
A friend of ours and I were
having coffee.

Got your number by sneaking a glance into his phone
When he went to lavatory to take a leak.

Despite the fact that its wrong
to meddle with other people’s property.
I had to find out.

‘Cause I’ve been
in agony not knowing,
How you’ve been.

August and Setember came
Still nothing from you,
Not even a single
text message or a call.

Thought you have shunned me
Out of your life.
If you only knew
how much misery I felt.

October is here again,
its been five months
Since I’ve seen you.

I confess I was wrong,
‘Cause I’ve been sulking
not understanding why
you’ve been elusive.

Now that I’ve uncovered
the Raison d’être,
my heart no longer feels tormented.

Finally the moment came…
Questions that were left unanswered,
have been revealed.

Burried memories of you in my heart,
the closeness that I once knew, was still there,
At this point of our lives,
Our friendship became more fruitful

Written by Anj Atutubo 10/30/2007

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