Slumbering Heart

I’ve been lonely for so long
staring at the darkness of the sky,
felt the emtpiness in my heart.

I’ve been seeing you around,
didn’t kow you, didn’t really care
unlike others,
you spend your time alone,
like you have your own world
you’re not much into crowds.

Rain or shine,
gazing at the dark heavens,
my shattered heart
feeling exahusted,
’till I met you.

If I knew how to sleep,
you’d be the last and
first thing on my mind.

Maybe I should wake up
from this delusion
that you like me too.

Once more feeling forlorn,
now that I’ve awaken from slumber
I return to reality.

A person like you
could never fall In-Love with
someone like me,
I’m always the friend,
never the girlfriend.

Written by Anj Atutubo  09/19/2007

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