Sea Creatures In Love

I’ve been a skeptic in the saying “love at frist sight”,
but when I first saw you, you changed my beliefs.
I never thought I’d feel this way again,
I knew from the start when we started talking
that I was attracted to you,
but I was held back by my fear,
afraid that my heart
would get wounded once more.

I taught my mind and heart
that there are boundaries between us,
but the more I try to believe what I say to myself
the more you stick to my mind and heart like a leech,
’cause you surprise me in little ways,
especially when I’m convinced that there’s really nothing,
that’s the time you usually make your move.

You make me smile ad laugh,
when I’m at my lowest point,
’cause of your unique quirks in life.

A sea turtle and a dolphin,
two different creatures,
yet they complement each other,
like we do.

 If I would love again it would be you,
but I’d rather choose the path
where we’d last longer.

‘Cause I’ve been down this road once before
I don’t wanna go through this lane twice,
of falling for a friend and
come to a point that everything will disappear into thin air.
I’ll just keep this emotion a secret,
until I perish into this world.

Written by Anj Atutubo  05/22/2007

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