Invisible Passion

In the abyss night of June,
the moon shinning so bright,
a gloomy breeze caressed my face,
deep in thought,
trying to free my mind and heart
of YOU.

When I met you,
you re-arranged my world,
defied all my beliefs.

In an instant,
our friendship was dying,
inspiring chemistry between you and me,
was no longer there.

You were never mine…
avoiding you,
ignoring each other,
made me realize,
who I really am and,
who you really are.

Seems like we switched personalities,
others may think I’m physically powerful than you,
but in reality I’m more discrete
and you’re the vocal one.

Days have gone by,
observing you from afar,
you lurk behind me like a shadow,
figured you can’t resist me,
you find comfort and true abode
when I’m around.

Only the invisible passion remains,
that no one sees and feels but us,
for true lovers there’s simply
no such thing as “instant”
it’s worth the wait.

Written by Anj Atutubo  02/23/2007

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