Coffee on a Monday

Everyone is going about
minding their own business
not noticing you,
everyone with their own facades
students, professors rushing towards their classes.
anxious for their breaks, may it be
a lunch or yosi break.

In the midst of a rainy day
exams were almost over
a few were left
it was after five
“kulitan blues sa labas, yosi yosi”,
out of the blue
a sudden invite for a coffee drink.

Debating various topics
over a cup of coffee
then unveiling ourselves
revealing the person deep within
under our own masks.
revealing deepest darkest secrets
and our heart’s desires.

Bloomed into a friendship so true
growing as days pass by.
friendship so true that should
be cherished and kept
in the treasures of our hearts.

Written by Anj Atutubo  08/18/2006

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