Heart of Darkness

She had lots of love to share
sometimes she fooled around
but once
she fell in-love for real.

She gave all the love
her heart could
but he left her hangin’

Now her heart exploded
with mixed emotions
darkness filled it.

Now she’s alone,
her heart is numb
and now she’s paranoid.

She was told not to hurt
the heart of whom she loved so much
but when she was busy taking care of that heart
she never noticed that her’s was slowly dying.

People think she’s cold hearted,
but she’s really soft and sweet on the inside.
she pretends to be brave,
but every night she cries out her pain.

Now that she’s hurt
her heart is numb
she’s only left with an empty soul
and a heart of darkness

Written byAnj Atutubo  08/15/2006

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