Love Fades

We used to be romantic
What happened to us?

Does love really fade away
like memories are lost in a way.

We used to love each other
but now we get on the nerves
of each other.

Little by little

I notice that my love is turning into anger.

Does this mean our
relationship is in danger?

We fight all the time
we get angry at one another all the time.

Danger ! Danger!
anger becomes
a danger to our relationship.

This ‘aint healthy could it be possible
our love is fading?
anger is replacing it.

Is there any way
we could go back
to our old ways being romantic

Preventing anger
to becoming danger
to our relationship
and be saved.

To be saved
from the love
fading away.

Written by Anj Atutubo  04/06/2006

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