Is This The Feeling of Love

Oh…Is this the feeling of love?

I see you, I smile…

I hear your voice, I smile…

I see your text message… I smile… Anxious to see you … to hear your voice…

It all started in one text, its just been a week.
Since then I could never forget every single thing you tell me.
Since then..everytime you tell me something .
Since then you’re the last thing on my mind, before I sleep. Oh is this the feeling of love.

I smile I don’t know why.
I just hear your name
I see you… your picture… I smile.

My heart leaps for joy every time I know
that there’s an opportunity that we’ll see each other
Oh … I’m confused…
I used to know who my heart desires….

But then you came along… and now
my heart doesn’t know either.
I ask myself.. . are you the one?

Anxious to see you.. Anxious for your message
but I’m confused with what you mean by
every message you send.

Am I just a friend?
Am I just a bestfriend?
Am I an inspiration to you?
How do you treat me? Do you treat me as a sister?
A friend? A bestfriend A sister? I think not.
A friend…? Maybe. A bestfriend…maybe you do…
I think not because of your sweet messages.

I’m confused.. by the way you take care of me.
The way … you worry about me.. the way you ask
me how I am.. where I am.. everyday on a scheduled time..
Not that I’m complaining.. I love the way you do it.
I’m just confused…
Am I falling in love with you?

Oh…baby…please don’t spoil me…
I don’t wanna fall in love…
What if I fall in love …with you…
And you’re not the one..?
Oh…please tell me what am I to you?
My heart leaps for joy.
But is scared of pain and
Hurts once again.

Once again I say to myself
Is this the feeling of love?
Am I falling in love again?
Once again the heart will be scarred
And leave wounds and the pain will be burning
Like the fires of hell.

Oh…so please tell me are you the one?
Oh…please tell me what am I to you?
Who am I to you??
Are you feeling the way I’m feeling?

Once again…my heart is confused…
Oh is this the feeling of love….?

Written by Anj Atutubo 01/09/2006

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